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What learners say
"I'm a PhD student and Tree has always helped me with writing and correcting my scientific texts and preparing papers. She did it wonderfully because she has gained a good understanding of my field and she has worked at the same level of detail.
Online learning is an incredible resource. It allowed me to find a highly qualified teacher who can help me achieve my goals. It's not always easy to find the right teacher on your doorstep!"
Annamaria, Switzerland
I was concerned if I could have continuous motivation. But my concern proved groundless because you always give me solid chances for growth. Yasha, Japan

I definitely feel that my communication is smooth, persuasive and understandable to others. You emphasise pronunciation and help me read between the lines with intonation. Liliia, Germany

Learning with Tree is the most enjoyable (and valuable!) experience. She tailors everything to my needs and interests. Also, our lessons help me to appreciate the language more - Tree explains nuances and connotations and draws my attention to beautiful turns of phrase. Iryna, UK
I learned new vocabulary, discourse markers, how to develop an argument, the structure of an essay, planning and redrafting. I know how to avoid repetition in writing by paraphrasing. It is very useful and makes me confident at writing. Cattie, China
I find both the pace and balance are right. I realised that Tree is careful to not only focus on negatives but also positives. It makes me feel good and motivated. Ozzy, UK
The experience of English Training is quite amazing for me to improve my skills for university. Especially academic writing and note-taking have given me great help in my master’s programme. David, China


What teachers say
"You are an assured and reassuring presence for learners and quickly establish a rapport and trust. Very positive and supportive delivery, which can be lost in the online setting."
Anthony, UK
What an excellent online presentation just now. Beautifully handled, extremely well-paced and very interesting. Very worthwhile.  JM
Fabulous!  Practical and well-presented. MM
Thank you for the excellent workshop and the invaluable tips and knowledge you shared. CH
Your suggestions on how to add challenge for a high-level student were very useful. AT
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