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ELTree provides quality English Language Teaching which puts you first: one-to-one online training  & specialist support with academic & professional skills.

Welcome! I started this business to help adults who would like to improve their English skills efficiently, and find that group courses don't meet their specific language needs, or suit their busy schedules.


Imagine how it would feel to...


  • communicate in English more clearly and confidently

  • be better understood in conversations that matter

  • give a successful presentation to your international colleagues, or

  • speak at an academic conference and enjoy the experience!

And now imagine working with a teacher who understands that...

  • you want to be stretched but you also need a supportive environment in which to practise

  • you want to be guided to better speaking, not told how to speak

  • time is precious, but

  • individual language training is effective

I'm (EL)Tree and I began my career in London, where I gained a PGCE whilst teaching ESOL and managing adult community education programmes. I also have wide-ranging English teaching experience from my time living in Germany, Spain and Italy. Following this, and on completion of the Cambridge DELTA in Barcelona, I returned to the UK and spent several years in an academic management role for a British Council accredited English school in Bristol.

More recently, I have worked as an English for Academic Purposes lecturer at two Welsh universities, and, as a freelancer, I’ve been developing online learning approaches for my international one-to-one clients. Passionate about language, I have been delivering online learning since 2017: working with authentic resources, boosting productive skills and meeting communication needs successfully.  

Now living in beautiful Wales, when I'm not working I like watching films and walking with my dogs.

Listen to the first episode of the podcast to find out more about me and my journey through ELT.

Are you ready to grow your English with me?

To get started, please answer the questions on my short contact form. We meet for an initial video call to discuss what you need, at no cost to you. This will give us an idea of how we could work together. I will give you further details and answer any questions you may have.


Sessions take place on an independent online teaching platform which is user-friendly and fully interactive for language learning.  You will benefit from resources and activities tailored to specific goals, close attention to your progress and an encouraging, dynamic coaching style to help keep you on track.

Tree listening to teachers at a conference
Tree talking to teachers at a conference
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