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Are you a higher-level English speaker whose language skills need a boost?


Do you want to achieve more with English in your academic or professional life?


Would you like to communicate with confidence and improve your self-expression?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, that's great because I can help you!

I’m Tree (she/her), an experienced and highly-qualified English trainer and the owner of ELTree, which has grown out of my 23 years in the world of English Language Teaching.

I help you to grow your English.


I know how to provide effective support so you can achieve more with language.


I have an encouraging and dynamic style and I love working with words - your words!

I found in Tree a very competent teacher and super kind human being with a beautiful speaking voice. My spoken English become more fluent and enriched by new words and my communication confidence grew up a lot.

Stefania, Italy

Professional cellist and business owner

Welcome to ELTree: English Language Training & Professional Services

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